Sweat Tire provides a comprehensive source for preventative maintenance. Do you need an auto inspection before they become major repairs? A comprehensive inspection can keep your automobile running smoothly. In addition to providing quality services, our friendly technicians will perform an inspection at every visit.

Regular inspections of your vehicle’s major components will uncover routine fixes and avoid costly repairs. Auto inspections including hands on testing of steering, brakes, suspension and exhaust will help you avoid unexpected breakdowns. Our complete auto inspection includes:

Air Conditioning
Break Lights
Turn Signals
Wipers Blades
Tires and Tread Depth
Fluid levels
  Engine Oil
  Brake Fluid Reservoir
  Coolant Recovery Reservoir
  Power Steering
  Windshield Washer
Visible Leaks
  Fuel System including Gas Cap Seating
  Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle,
  Transfer Case
  Engine Cooling System
  Shocks and Struts, Check Operation
Visible Condition
  Belts: Engine, Accessory, Serpentine and/or V-drive
  Hoses: Engine, Power Steering and HVAC
  Engine Air Filter and Cabin Air Filters
  Steering Components and Steering Linkage
  CV Drive Axle Boots or Driveshafts and U-joints
  Exhaust System Components
  Freeze Point of Coolant

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