Oil Change

When you see an illuminated light, indicating you need an oil change, it is time to bring your vehicle into one of Sweat Tire & Automotive’s eight locations; Bay Minette, Elberta, Fairhope, Foley, Loxley, Monroeville, Robertsdale and Tillmans Corner. We have been performing oil changes on vehicles since 1963. Our technicians will complete an inspection of your vehicle during each oil change.

A full-service oil change includes:

Replace and recycle your car’s used oil and oil filter

Inspect your car’s cabin filter, air filter, and other applicable filters

Perform a comprehensive courtesy inspection of the vehicle, like checking vehicle lights, car battery life, etc.

Top off window washer fluid and check the levels of other important fluids

Change your vehicle’s motor oil using the best brands of full synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil, or high mileage motor oil, depending on your vehicle, climate, and driving style.

Conventional Motor Oil: Good for Your Budget
Of all the common types of motor oil, conventional oil can be one of the best for your budget. Conventional oil is made from crude oil that’s extracted from underground, and it’s designed to do one job: keep your engine lubricated and running smoothly.

High Mileage Oil: Better for Engine Longevity
Are you and your car in a long-term, committed relationship? If so, your engine would love a little TLC in the form of high mileage motor oil. vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer have different motor oil needs than newer vehicles.

Synthetic Motor Oil: Best for Engine Protection
When it comes to choosing the best motor oil for your engine, synthetic oil is way ahead of conventional oil. It’s ideal for today’s modern, higher performance engines.

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