Not sure when to replace brake pads? Need somewhere to go for an inspection? Sweat Tire & Automotive provides expert advice and top-notch brake repair service.

Brake Inspection
If it has been a while since you have had your brake pads inspected, no problem. We can quickly perform a brake inspection with most any service. This will allow us to give you a good idea as to when you need to have your brake pads changed which depends on their current condition and your driving habits.

Ask us anything about your brakes and we will be happy to get you the answer and the peace of mind that comes from having one of our professional technicians inspect your brakes. We can also check your brake fluid to make sure that it has not become acidic.

Brake Fluid Flush
Brake fluid can become contaminated over time. This contamination can lead your brake fluid to become acidic which can eat away at the more vulnerable components in your braking system. This type of wear can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs later down the road. With this preventative maintenance service, we can help you ensure that your brakes will continue to operate at their peak level of performance.

Standard Brake Service
Installation of new brake pads or shoes
Resurfacing or replacement of brake rotors or drums
Inspection of brake components

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